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There is a character type, a profile, that the airline recruiters have clearly in mind. There is the formal selection criteria, and then there a less easy to define
assessment about an applicant's suitability, which may include a look at persona, which in effect covers tolerance, stability, humour and other attributes, while considering potentially adverse aspects such as prejudices, fixations or halitosis.
(A young woman I knew applied, well qualified. Three senior pilots, all men, interviewed her. She did well, presenting as confident, pleasant and relaxed.In conclusion they thanked her for coming in. As she rose to leave, one of the panel asked her. . . "Just a last question . .. what would be your reaction to
any sexual harassment on the flight deck?" She smilingly replied . . . "Well all I'd do is ask him to not say a word." General laughter. I rather think that clinched it for her. Home and hosed. )

P.S. You're right 'crosscutter'. . .. many of us swept hangers . .. . and not just the wire ones lying around in dusty corners of the hangar.
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