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Originally Posted by capngrog View Post
Despite a few apparently credible accounts to the contrary, I have a great deal of difficulty understanding how anyone could survive a ride of several hours in the wheel well of a modern transport category aircraft. If the stowaway is not dislodged during the takeoff, then he most survive the possibility of being crushed by the retracting gear, then he must survive the extreme cold of high altitude flight, then he must survive on the meager oxygen available at 30+ thousand foot altitudes, then he must survive falling from the wheel well upon gear extension, then he must survive the landing impact, then he must survive the anger of upset gate agents, etc., etc., etc. Too many "if situations" in that entire scenario for me to wrap the remains of my brane around.
Yes, it would be interesting to analyse the few known instances of survivors to see if there was any pattern, for example aircraft type, etc.

It would be reasonable to expect that shorter sectors and/or those flown at a lower FL might be more survivable, for instance.

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