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Actually since Brexit we are the third largest economy in the EU and if you watch the G20 top table there is a seat for the Eu but certainly wont be one for the UK no doubt we will sit on Americas knee at future meetings brig further shame and embarrassment on ourselves.

But for us to poke fun at EU processes is laughable-there is a lot wrong with the Eu but nothing like as much as is wrong with the UK where two people from a party with no majority wants to change PM for the third time in 4 years while refusing to allow a second referendum about a vote that took place over three years ago,

Can that in any form look like democracy. And we are saddled with a useless head of state that costs a fortune and does nothing at a time when the head of state is supposed to act in the national interest but can't and a constitution that doesnt exist .And two PM candidates falling over themselves to gratify minority of the country just so that the Uk can continue its traditions of tax evasion and wealth protection through its network of colonies and tax havens. and where bothmen are happy to sacrifice business and jobs in order to retain.
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