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Originally Posted by Sallyann1234 View Post
Your view is entirely correct. This latest thread is a typical example.
Which is why both contenders for the post of PM are quite comfortable to put companies out of business, and by implication people out of work, to satisfy "the will of the people". Just how much good will reducing corporation tax do if companies aren't making profits??

I ask myself, if the will of 30 from 52 people on a coach was to drive off would the driver go ahead with doing so?? Probably not, since it would not lead to a good outcome. Of course, in the case of both individuals (and many of the Tory members who form the electorate) driving off an EU "Beachy Head" won't harm them, or their families to the extent it will (project fear alert) your ordinary Joe, many of whom, in fairness, voted for it.
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