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Originally Posted by Blossy View Post
Euro News on TV is an absolute hoot. Meetings have been going on for days but no signs of anyone being elected to high office. Mucho wheeling dealing taking place. Our Westminster parliament seems almost normal in comparison to the antics taking place on the other side of the ENGLISH channel.
No actually, negotiation and consensus are things that are absolutely normal in many governments, so are not the least bit unusual or dysfunctional and certainly not a hoot.

For a hoot watch the UK, with it's childish and pointless PMQs, the constant braying and nodding in parliament makes it sound more like a donkey farm than a serious debating chamber, and the farce of 140,000 people electing the new prime minister in what is allegedly a parliamentary democracy.

The EU will resolve it's decisions on it's new officials long before the UK works out when, how and indeed if, it ever leaves the EU. And that, my friends, is a fact.
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