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BV, 419, FED et al - So, jolly good at the numbers but, I would suggest, a bit of a deficit on logic. You appear to believe that anyone who wished to leave the EU would be so blase about it that they would pass up on the ONLY opportunity, in 40 or so years, to attain their sought after end. Well, maybe so, but it's a BIG maybe and would predicate an intelligence level akin to a cantankerous child! Now I don't believe that. I see Brexiteers as misled, well-intentioned souls who can't be arsed to think for themselves but will respond to the blandishments of those who understand the power of 'marketing'. They'll rush to the Sales subscribe to the latest fad, accept anybody's promises as long as there is a 'promise' of personal profit. Its quite understandable, but extremely odd, that the basics of logic and simple arithmetic manage to pass them by. Perhaps my problem is that I come from an educational era of learning by rote so I can only continue to repeat THE FACTS in the hope of eventual success!
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