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Originally Posted by Bob Viking View Post
Did I also mention that I have Canadian citizenship so if it all goes wrong I can bugger off?

Standing by for the outrage and accusations of treason.

I see nothing outrageous or treasonous in this. But buggering off is not so easily done.

I'm also privileged to hold a Commonwealth passport and given the direction in which the UK has been going these last years, there has been the odd occasion when I have been tempted to consider this alternative. But save for various sojourns abroad, I have lived here since 1959 and would find it very difficult to leave - after all, my life is here. But the land of my birth is not the one of which I have fond memories gong back almost 80 years; it has changed unrecognisably, so the grass is not likely to be greener and I'm much too old to change now.

Depends upon how long you have been away, Bob.
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