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Half true

North America there is a shortage. Asia is hit and miss. EU not.

This is partly due to the stronger economy in North America and Asia versus Europe, and the employment culture. It's absolutely pathetic that European pilots and citizens allow pilots to work under subcontracts from Ireland, self employment, etc. The American unions learned their lessons from subcontracting to regional airlines after 9/11 but it was never to the extreme you see in Europe now. The constant churn of bogus work contracts will continue to undermine the job market.

In Asia, they are limited by the experience level of the current pilot workforce. This will eventually work itself out, and it's probably an amazing time to be a millennial pilot in Asia. Airlines in East Asia who can afford to send students to North America to training will be fine, Southeast Asian airlines can always get expat captains and rich locals who's parents finance their training.

The North America market is still the strongest. Retirement numbers, union rules, and FAA limits for commerical pilots will keep pay going higher. We are already at the point where a CRJ captain in North America makes more than a 787 LCC pilot in Europe. And with more days off.
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