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Originally Posted by NutLoose View Post
Glad you think it is reasonable, of course many Brits living/working in France think what he said was absolutely hilarious...not.

Johnson is a selfish buffoon who cares not one jot if what he says does or does not have an adverse impact on British nationals, whether they living in the UK, living elsewhere on the Globe, even perhaps even locked up in a prison somewhere. Great choice as Foreign Secretary, top candidate for PM.

I had a round of post a nasty illness consultations at my local hospital this AM, not long after the news of Johnsons comments hit the airwaves.......The French Healthcare system and the staff have been absolutely brilliant over the last few years and so on the couple of occasions I had to produce my UK passport today as a form of ID I felt utterly ashamed to be "recognised" as a Brit. Very very fortunately the locals tend to have a sense of humour and as one Consultant said "well may have our problems Mr Wiggy, including the various LePens, but at least we don't have a problem like him...good luck".

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