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""interesting" CV's" Where do I start? OK: Lay outs that are from the time DOS and matrix printers where top of the bill, data not matching stories, Medicals that were not up to date, schools that did not exist (!), people fired and with a negative reference, people with level 6 from France and Italy that could not type a readable cover letter in basic English, people that worked for 3 airlines in 7 to 8 months, people with hours not matching age, people that did not put anything about their hours on their aviation CV and the best one the CV that was 50% covered with a photo of a Tom Cruise look a like with 4 bars on his shoulders and only 250 hours on his CV

But again: if you don't have a job in the current market go out and spend some money on one of the interview training companies and / or make sure you stay current on your basic flying skills.. And maybe accept that you are not hired for a reason and stop blaming "the industry".. The fact that you past some exams doesnt mean you are "the right stuff" the airlines are looking for. Even in a market with ever lowering standards..
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