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Originally Posted by ATNotts View Post
No come on; both Johnson and Hunt have admitted that a no deal Brexit isn't desirable, as it the economy would take a hit, that is why Johnson is suggesting (ridiculously) that the chances of a no deal a 1 million to one, and Hunt is willing to extend to avoid one. I assume they are both peddling "project fear".

Putting a pair of underpants on your head and a pencil up each nostril isn't going to change the facts.

I bought Euro last week, at 1.126, today it's 1.13. It's been a steady unremarkable slide since May was pushed out. However every fall in sterling ups the cost of servicing the national debt, and while it makes out exports more competitive (or more likely improves profit margins for exporters) it raises costs for imports, and aside of issues relating to business rates and rents, the fall in sterling is in no small part the cause of the spate of retails bankruptcies in the past year - as retailers aren't putting up their prices, and simply cutting margins, which is eventually unsustainable - as Bathstore, Bon Marche, Debenhams, DSG etc are finding out.
Cobblers... The demise of that list has been coming long before brexit.
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