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Originally Posted by ATNotts View Post
If the Labour party (or any other party for that matter) were making spending "promises" such as Johnson and Hunt are making in this campaign during a general election campaign, the Conservatives would, quite rightly be asking "where is the money coming from?".

The reality is that is either of them were to be so reckless as to pull out of the EU on 31.10.19 without a deal in place, sterling would immediately crash, economic growth take a hit, along with corporate profits, leading to a reduction in tax receipts and increase in the demands on social security making the "promises" both untenable and impossible to fulfill.

Why are a supposedly intelligent bunch of people (the Tory electorate) apparently so gullible?
We await the inevitable "fake news ! / project fear believer !" and " this was going to happen three years go, but didn' that proves "project fear !" was just alarmist disinformation" ......mantra replies......unfortunately, since then, as negotiations have deteriorate to being non existent, and a variety of sources have raised similar growing concerns, and lets not forget the resurgence of Gov't plans for a "no deal " departure.......incidentally, that paragon of efficiency , Mr Grayling, in case readers were wondering, could emerge again in these plans...........then it's fair to say the naysayers and those in denial about the ramifications may soon to be eating egg...... and not from a plate

Kelvin...yep, that link was informative so we await the interpretation on here.......which should be entertaining, paranoia being what it is.

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