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Originally Posted by orionsbelt View Post
There are 721 posts on this topic, I wonder how many of you are Conservative Party members and will have the right to vote. Not many I suspect.

And my point is ………………………well think about it

Well, I'm one and shall have the right to vote; indeed, I shall vote.

But only in respect of, in my judgement, two unworthy candidates selected by an assembly of the even less worthy. The whole parliamentary construction has been allowed to become a shambles, largely due to the uselessness of Theresa May and the subversion of others. I fear something revolutionary (in the fundamental sense of the word) will be required to restore things to any semblance of the order which previously existed. Perhaps we are witnessing an irreversible change heralding a very different future. Those of us born before the War will be glad that we shall not be part of it.

Your point, if there was one, eluded me.
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