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Originally Posted by pr00ne View Post
The Nip,

Yes I agree, the headline "Sharp fall in foreign investment in UK" is misleading and does, on closer examination, refer to a reduction in the number of projects by 14% and number of jobs created down to 57, 525 from 75,968 in the previous year. So you are right to call me out on that.

None of this however should detract from the looming disaster that a no deal exit on WTO rules would bring to the UK economy. Which is why we should start calling out Johnson on his Do or Die nonsense as far as leaving by 31st October. Why should we allow dogma to destroy so many jobs and livelihoods?
Please don't think I am just being picky. It is just that there are many journalists who are deliberately taking official figures and twisting them to present that BREXIT is destroying every type of business in the UK.

The official figures show a mixture of good and bad. But it also shows that despite the mess that has been the last 3 years, the UK is doing better than can be expected, and better than other EU countries. The figure of -13% FDI for Ger shows there are problems throughout the EU.

A Neil is very good at putting these journalists in their place when they deliberately twist facts. He will also do the same for those who twist facts in favour of BREXIT. So in essence he is neutral and you get the truth.
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