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Originally Posted by pr00ne View Post
The Nip,

I'm selective because they are the relevant facts. I do not claim that ALL inward investment has stopped, and there are a lot of EU companies investing in expanded facilities and new factories, but they are peanuts and chickenfeed when compared to the huge companies and plants under threat. Investment IS down with the last figures showing a 14% reduction and the number of jobs created has fallen too, and it IS doom and gloom when you consider the major manufacturers planning to relocate in the event of a no deal, and it is not me spouting it, it is the companies themselves and their Government and trade association representatives. Go and read what the Japanese Foreign Minister said today.
Capital investment is UP 500M. investment in the UK was more than Ger and Fra combined. Fact.
Jobs are up. Employment down. Fact.

You can look at Ed Conway Sky for the type of figures you might like to see. But within his tweets he is shown to be selecting the figures that those who voted remain want to see.

He obtains his figures from @tradegovuk.

The FT ran figures yesterday spelling out the number of projects was down but capital was up.

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