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treadigraph wrote:
Wasn't a Beverley, battling a headwind on its way across France, once overtaken by a train?
Indeed it was - I recall reading about it in a contemporary edition of Air Clues. Did it really only cruise at about 150KIAS at 8000ft?

The late Puddy Catt once told me how he'd been travelling back in the boom of a Bev from somewhere out East. During the cruise, the AQM came up to him and asked "Captain's compliments, sir, but would you like to take tea with him?". Rather curious at this, Puddy accepted and climbed down into the freight area - to find a table and chairs with linen, crockery and all the trimmings. Tea was served in bone china cups and little sandwiches without crusts were offered whilst the Captain and a few other crew members conversed politely. Puddy never discovered whether it was a wind-up to impress a sweaty Hunter pilot, or whether that was their normal standard of travelling.
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