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Fair enough but surely not tourists and businessmen flying to London???
You are advocating making it more expensive for inbound tourism, so a quick search of visiting Europe, London and elsewhere no longer involves INV as it's a sin against the environment to not take enormous tax off the public. So how many guest houses, hotels, pubs, restaurants, bars and attractions take a hit? What does that do to local employment?
I am baffled at the lack of understanding of just how disconnected a location can become without a reliable and frequent connection into a hub airport. INV gets a LHR connection after years of trying, it becomes a success and the next stage is "how do we undermine this cos it;'s no fair"?
Good Lord people! if you want Chinese tourists to come and spend the money, , if you want genuine inward investment, you have to be properly competitive, something my old homeland just doesn't get at so many levels of public life.

As the oil industry winds down, Aberdeen may become more and more in need of similar treatment, the trick is to help ABZ rather than hammering INV. APD is nothing more than just another tax as the spending power of any large org can become insatiable, private and public alike.

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