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Originally Posted by JustinHeywood View Post
If you read what you originally had written Doc (and I quoted in my comment), you will see that you were wrong, or at the very least expressed yourself poorly.
Iíll just clarify what I mean.

Neither Molan nor the first ranked Liberal on the ticket received enough individual votes to gain a quota by themselves. The Coalition group ticket received 3 quotas. The seats were won by the first three candidates on the ticket. Molan was fourth so didnít get a seat. The last senate seat went to the group ticket most entitled to a quota after Coalition and Labor which was the Greens. Their ticket got 3x the amount of votes as Molan so they got that seat above his individual votes. (One Nation received more votes than Molan as well).

By the same token in the NSW Senate election the ALP got two seats. The 3rd and the 4th ranked Labor candidates received more individual votes than the 2nd ranked candidate, but did not gain senate seats for the exact same reason. Except they donít seem to be crying about it as much as Molanís supporters.

If anyone is unhappy about Molan not being in the Senate it is not a failure of the voting system or the AEC, it is an issue with how the Liberal party rank their candidates on the ticket and it is an issue the Liberals need to sort out internally.

No failure of democracy here.
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