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Originally Posted by Cornish Jack View Post
The problem was identified with the trials of dropping from the boom hatch on the Beverley with the freight bay open for freight drops. The dummies were dropped out of the hatch and disappeared!! They were then discovered in the freight bay!! The solution, eventually, was the design and installation of the "elephant's ears" - spoiler plates attached either side of the freight bay to modify the slipstream. Talking to our 'customers' on various exercises, the majority opinion seemed to be that a Beverly boom exit was much the preferred option giving a comfortable ride.
Hello, Cornish Jack.

Like most people, I don't know that much about the Beverley. I gather she was a fascinating creature.
Was that boom hatch that you mentioned something like the hole in the bottom of a Stirling that SOE agents dropped out of?
I did not know such a hatch was present in the Beverley's boom.
I remember one of our guys drew a cartoon about the training jumps out of the bottom of Whitleys. They were not their happiest memories with a real risk of hitting their heads on the trailing edge of the hatch. Maybe the hatch was bigger on the Beverley, or maybe she could fly at slower speeds for the drop.

Best regards, Transall.
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