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Originally Posted by Bob Viking View Post
I have read Private Eye thanks but didn’t think much to it personally. Each to their own. Besides, it was KnC that first referred to its gossip element. Gossip is gossip even if it is in a highbrow publication.

As for the picture of the loved up couple that is fair game. Especially if he approved it’s release. It was almost certainly taken by a ‘pap’ and Boris knows that comes with the territory. A very different scenario to something that happened behind closed doors and was recorded by a ‘concerned neighbour’.

All of this makes it look like I’m sticking up for Boris. I personally have little interest in him or his personal life even if he does become PM. Just like I would have little interest in Jeremy Corbyn or Nigel Farage’s personal life in similar circumstances.


Ahem ! .............correct, I did refer to "Private Eye " as being revelatory for aspects of those who would much prefer their public persona wasn't tarnished by other less flattering and unsavoury events in their lives.

There was no mention of "gossip " by me however because I also said such revelations were not exclusive to politicians your own admission, you don't like the publication, fair enough, and have never really read it in depth .......which is a shame really because you are depriving yourself of news and stories which quite often aren't covered in MSM and also more detailed stories about events that are.

And, this may induce you to take a closer look, the magazine has been critical of the Guardian !

" suitably Churchilian speech 'We will fight them on the beaches ............... We will never surrender' before setting off with his ill assorted Brexit Expeditionary Force to lay siege to walls of Brussels"

Alas, the world will be deprived of such utterances because that other bastion of honesty, patriotism and self-serving deceit masquerading as concern, Nige, has already stated he will pick up a rifle and march on Brussels !........Nige, as we know,, is on an equal footing with Boris when it comes to grandiose statements......and downright misleading fallacies.

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