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Originally Posted by CATIII-NDB View Post
Cavortingcheetah: The problem is that the Brits (me included) do not really appreciate the depth of the problems facing this state. Any flea-Bag "Democracy" where there is a Vacuum of leadership at the "Top" inevitably slides into some form of Civil Conflict. I'm not overstating the problem. My Grandfather had to leave the country where he was born because of the threat posed by a vicious Civil War.
I'm not sure about "civil conflict" per se, but I do think we are headed for substantial levels of civil disobedience and disruption on a scale way beyond the usual flat-earthers and rent-a-mob gatherings. But in my view, the greatest challenge will come not from the general populace not being in agreement with governmental policies but from a paucity of relevant policies in the first place and an impotence to implement those that become statutes. Such a vacuum of leadership/management inevitably will be filled by a proletarian substitute. Unruly civil behaviour is contrary to what we expect of ourselves, it is out of national character but there has not been a time in recent history when the country has been so starved of people of any consequence and competence prepared to provide the political leadership it so desperately needs. In the past, "cometh the hour" has provided the man but not this time.

Boris's private problems aren't really a matter of concern for the rest of us but this present case does bring cause for doubt. All Boris had to do was keep his head down and lip buttoned on any subject not germane to the leadership contest until the heat was off. But no, he needlessly becomes embroiled in a "domestic" which becomes very public and must damage his credibility as a leader in whom we might have confidence. If he can't manage the small things, how will he cope with serious matters? He had it in the bag - perhaps he still does - but it has to make Jeremy Hunt, despite his charisma by-pass and being a closet Remainer, appear an increasingly credible choice.

Tighten your straps - we're going inverted!.
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