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In Germany it‘s even more complicated. We have the so called „Flugplatzzwang“ (compulsion to use an airfield, a law which was introduced at an epoch when men were wearing weird looking mustaches).
In general you have to land at an airfield unless you are a commercial operator with a general permission to make off-airport landings/takeoffs.
This does not count for flight schools though. Actually, during flight training you are not even allowed to operate below minimum altitude except for take-off and landing (at an airfield) which makes it impossible to train off-airport landings and t/o s not to mention autorotations (power recovery nor EOL) unless you have a playground at the airfield.

We explained this discrepancy to our local Aviation Authority (besides EASA and the National Aviation Authority (LBA) we have to deal with a third aviation institution) who, lucky us, are very pro-aviation orientated. They advised us to apply for a special authorization to operate below minimum altitude for the purpose of conducting training in emergency procedures and unplanned off-airport landings. Now we can train all that down to hovering height. The only thing we are not allowed to do is to touch down (unless we are at an airfield or have land owners permission).

For safety reason, EOL are only practiced at suitable airfields, which works perfect for us.

The catch is that the skill test at the end of the training phase or any other prof check is not covered by this permission.

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