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Originally Posted by 9Aplus View Post
After reading some recent local regulation, regarding out of airport/helipad landing in 9A,
just wondering in how many EASA lands or WW is not allowed to perform following safety training scenario:

You are FI under the ATO, have your student in training on board, trying to make him ready for all
challenges of profession, can you initiate full ground auto-rotation, out of airport area for
example while on route? (assuming that some solid and clean ground is available bellow)

At the moment, that is not possible without special authorization by CAA in 9A,
for my taste that fact, present serious safety issue. May be it is just me :P
1. You cannot land without the landowners permission, so you would need to find and pre-arrange a suitable site.
2. If it goes wrong because of your site selection, you better have full instructor liability insurance!
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