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Originally Posted by 18greens View Post
If I was going to start again I would get two professional log books, fill them in in parallel and I would keep an excel backup. Also top tip write your name on the top and bottom across the ends of the pages. That way when you are trying to find your log book in a pile of 25 other identical ones you don't need to open every book.

The reason for two paper logs is you occasionally have to send your log book to the caa. I always send my number 2 logbook. They haven't failed to send it back yet, but if they did I still have the number 1 logbook.

The reason for the excel copy is it makes adding up the type time soooo much easier. I'd be wary of commercially available electronic log books. When they fold what happens? I've used them blissfully in the past until I upgrade from windows 7 to 10 and then you find it's not supported on 10.

It all sounds an arse but when you pay 400+ per hour make sure you don't lose any of it. Enjoy your flying.
I have a paper logbook as primary, and electronic (written by me in Excel as none of the commercial products suited my personal needs) as secondary. When I need to send anything to the CAA, they get a printout of the Excel logbook (printed on A3 it works out about 100hrs per side of paper), with my signature on the first and last pages stating "I certify that this is a true copy of my original logbook". I then shred the printout once they've sent it back with my licence.

They've always accepted it. The Excel logbook is backed up to two different places automatically as part of my normal data backup.

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