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Thanks for that, we are committed to constructive, meaningful and informed dialogue. It may not get headlines but that is exactly the point.

The Government and CASA are to be applauded for their participation and I am greatly encouraged by Mr Byrons comments in the press, in regard to the handling of the GA end of town.

I'll say it again, a new day dawns, we've got a way to go yet, but with goodwill all round we'll get there real soon.

The fairies at the bottom of my garden tell me that if you don't believe you can change anything then you wont.

I'm also a little, no a lot tired of being lectured ad nausea, that CASA will never ever change, that we are just being humoured and stroked to sleep, whilst they (whoever "they" are) get on with the business of "destroying" GA.

GA has as much to answer for, as does the regulatory system for the current state of GA.

There, that's bound to get me burn't at the AOPA stake.

Sorting the regs is a relatively small part of the problem, the "real biggie" is rebuilding an industry that has been on its a&se for over 20 years.

That's the other side of the AOPA coin.

It is going to take a lot of proactive engagement with industry by CASA.

It's why we are busy planning the "Be a Pilot" campaign to get the grass roots bit going again with people pouring through the flight schools and getting involved with just plane flying, this is where the big money and the knock on efect will come from.

More work for instructors more new aircraft just plane more money in the system.

Also "business" clinics for operators to help them operate their business as a real business.

EDUCATION about what this business is really all about.

People havng fun messing about in 'planes.

Whilst you dominate the headlines with woe and betides, why would anyone want to invest in a pilot licence or an aircraft.

Been down to your yacht club lately, there is more money parked in just ONE of the bigger clubs than the whole of the fleet at your local secondary. The money is there we just have to give people a good enough reason to spend it.

IMHO it's not just because of the regs.
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