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EDIT: upon checking, the GRO flight seems to be operated by a MAN aircraft that positions up, operates EDI-GRO-EDI, then positions back to MAN. Seems a little inefficient?
I Agree, having 2 positioning sectors will no doubt cost a few grand. Surely an easier option (schedule permitting) would be to fly MAN-GRO-EDI-GRO-MAN.
based on published schedules/ estimates, a MANGRO sector is 2hr 30m and EDIGRO is 2hr 50m, so once turnarounds factored in, not enough for 1 crew to operate all 4.
1st crew: MAN-GRO-EDI
2nd crew: EDI-GRO-MAN
Cost of taxis to move crew to/from no doubt be less than positioning costs.

If they have to re-position the aircraft for the EDIGRO rotation, the aircraft would surely be free to do something like that.
Having said that i wouldn't want to be one of that crew facing a 3hr taxi ride home. Swings and Roundabouts methinks
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