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Originally Posted by atakacs View Post
and it pretty much hints to pilot error (even if, as many have mentioned, direct law landing in these conditions might not be the easiest of feats).
I am still wondering if they have not added thrust after the 1st and/or 2nd bounce. The report does not address this so I guess not...
Page 26 ff. of the report:
...During the first bouncing up, when the aircraft was in the air, the PIC switched the thrust levers to the "Maximum Reverse" mode but the thrust reverser doors did not deployed, as there were no weight-on-wheel (WOW) signals. Upon receipt of the left and right main landing gears WOW signals, the reverser doors started to deploy, which was completed after the second aircraft bouncing up movement off the RWY. There was no engine power increase as at this moment, there was no WOW signals again.
During the second bouncing up, the aircraft reached the height of ≈ 15 - 18 ft (5-6 m). In 2-3 seconds after this repeated bouncing up, the thrust levers were set to "Takeoff" mode and the sidestick was pulled to the maximum retard position. This actions may be interpreted as an attempt to perform the go-around, as before that the thrust reverser system was engaged (the reverser doors were in the open position, though starting to close), the engine thrust did not increase.
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