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Originally Posted by torvalds View Post

Could anyone pls help me.
I started my PPL training in the UK, however due to this "unfortunate" summer weather things become very slow and I decided to complete the rest of the training in Spain.

Is it possible to transfer my hours already flown (~10) and the ground exams I already completed (9) to the new training organization?

If someone within EU tells you not possible to transfer the theory credit then throw him through the propeller ! [Joke]

Totally doable, if else EASA is useless. I did it personally in Hungary so i know what am talking about. However your ten hours i doubt they will let you forward it. The best game they can play with you is tell you yes and later on telling you this and that is not good enough and we need to work on it. I've been in the cave, i know the game. By the way i won a 100CHF bet from a guy i met in HU who is a Romanian living in Ireland, same story and i predicted the outcome.

Some schools can be upfront and tell you they want you to buy 10 hours solo with them if you already hold 10 hours of instruction from britain. But schools are ran by businessmen, and some of them are pitiless morrons, my advice to you would to restart the training in whole with them and finish it quicker you can.

And yeah, hungary was a bad option in my p.o.v, so stick to that side of the world where you're heading.

i hope my failures can be useful experiences to learn from for you.



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