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Originally Posted by Bob Viking View Post
Are there evil corporations with sea mines stashed away to destabilise world markets?
I know they say that art sometimes imitates reality but (and I accept I may be wrong) I have yet to see any evidence of such megalomaniacal organisations interfering in world politics.
A number of very large commodity companies know more about what is happening with crops in countrys than the countrys Government.

BP - Iran 1953, Dole et al in Central America for Bananas.

Country A and B produce 200,000 tonnes of Apricots, Megacorp buys A's crop in advance, B looks like having bumper crop where average price is 50% less than A was guaranteed. Mega will lose $200 million as world buyers will not pay their price B suffers a sudden fruit fly epidemic that destroys 50% of crop so prices are 50% higher than guaranteed and Mega makes $200 million.

Anybody wonder why Russia has been complaining about the Richard B Lugar centre in Tblisi
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