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Originally Posted by ATNotts View Post
If the Iranian government has anything to do with these incidents they really want their collectives heads looking at. The US regime is hell bent on attacking Iran with the objective of regime change in Iran (not that that is likely to improve the long term situation any) and attacking commercial shipping will give the US the excuse they're waiting for.

It beggars belief that the US, with it's current military presence in the Gulf, aren't monitoring the attackers, and in all probability, could apprehend them before the attacks take place, but perhaps that doesn't fit with their political objectives.
That's a sensible appraisal.
There is zero evidence, at this stage, that the Iranians are responsible. And while I've little doubt they are capable of such an act I can't see what's in it for them; they have little to gain and plenty to lose.

Originally Posted by ThorMos View Post
My money is on either:

- the US of A did it
- the Israelis did it
- the Saudis paid someone to do it
Why not the Russians? Petro-economy, benefit from higher oil prices, not dependent on the Straits of Hormuz to export......
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