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Expect to be asked:
- Your motivations for entering the ADF and the particular service you are applying for.
- Personal questions relating to how you will cope with the lifestyle changes, being away from home, etc.
- Knowledge of the service you are applying for. Know all the aircraft and ships if you are applying for the Navy.
- What is the difference between a leader and a manager. What kind of leadership experience do you have?
- What operations are the ADF currently involved in and some recent ones.
- Some basic Geography. Particularly around war zones/conflict areas.
- Some current affairs. Watch the news for the weeks leading up to the OSB.
-Where you could be posted. How much you will be payed. What your minimum service period is.
- What training you will undergo. When, where and for how long.
- Ranks for the service you are applying for.
- Maths questions like 26 x 14. Learn how to use techniques to solve questions like this and practice using phone apps right before you go in to get your brain in the mode. I was asked a question like this and they were very impressed when I answered correctly within a few seconds. Also, some time/distance questions relating to flight times etc. Know how to calculate using knots and miles as well.

This list is not complete. You may be asked all or none of these questions. There will definitely be some I have not included here. Everything (almost) you need to know is either in the job description for the job you are going for​​​​​, or on the department of defence website. I compiled a folder with all of this info and more and studied it every spare moment I got until I knew it back to front.
You need to be confident without being cocky. The only way to achieve this is by knowing your stuff. There is no way to bluff your way through. If you study all that I have told you and plan your responses you will be giving yourself the best chance you can and it will definitely help with your confidence. Make no mistake, the difference between answering one or two questions correctly is the difference between a recommendation or high recommendation. One of those will likely get you a spot at flight school and the other won't.
I have done my OSB twice and pretty much nailed it both times so I know what I am talking about.

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