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Originally Posted by yellokiwi View Post
Big drive is the money and the progression. Dont get me wrong i love flying but at my age it would be great to speed things up and if i can save couple of years by skipping instructing or turboprop i would take that route.

If i by miracle go to cathay, isnt there a bond of like 7 years? What happens if you break contract and would airnz hire a person with only second officer experience to their a320?

Thanks for the reply too
There have been quite a few SOís from Cathay hired by Air NZ recently. Some of these SOís had been at Cathay less than 2 years so theyíve obviously decided what ever bond there is (I donít know the details) is worth paying, for the opportunity to get on NZís list. Bear in mind this is during the back end of their growth spurt. The amount of pilots they need will reduce over the next few years which will raise the hour requirements they look for.

29 isnít old to be getting in to aviation either. If youíre about to start a family you might even find the Turboprop gig in NZ more suitable for time at home. The pay is reasonable and itís quick to a command.
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