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I joined just before you wonderbus, early 2015 and am unfrozen next year, like you I am weighing up the pros and cons of a fleet move - Iím just inside the top 25% shorthaul and the rosters I am getting are more than satisfactory, in fact they are pretty much what I want.

have a look on IBId and change your fleet, it will show you where you would be seniority wise if you change fleets, I would be at 66% on the 747, 72% on the 777, 74% on the 787 and 85% on the 380, this should prevent us getting the very poor rosters the very junior joes get (although the numbers donít look great on the 380 letís face it there are no bad trips on that fleet). Itís the huge advantage of doing shorthaul first, we jump all the junior guys when we change fleets, I do feel sorry for those joining the longhaul fleets now as a DEP as they will be at the bottom for years and years as all those shorthaul guys slot in above them as they move fleets.

Big decisions for us senior shorthaul guys though, good luck making it .
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