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What the stupid bastards, rate payers and council, don’t realise is that with a little bit of common sense, intelligence and goodwill, Tyabb could be not “about 100 jobs” but five hundred jobs.

When I worked for the Kennett Government we did a lot of work on industry clusters - we now have a biocluster called The Parkville strip as a result.

Frankly Point Cook - YMPC is a perfect site for a centre of excellence in historic aircraft restoration and maintenance because it has the real estate, infrastructure and already operating restoration projects, a historic location, the rRAAF Museum. Now move historic aircraft co. from Tyabb, everything from Moorabbin and voila! Australia’s historic aircraft centre, then add flight training, etc. and now you have thousands of jobs, growth and investment.

However CASA, Infrastructure Dept and a brain dead labor state government would kill that idea.
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