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Sunfish posted on May 28th
From last week's Tyabb Flyer you will be aware we had, with encouragement from Shire staff, applied to MPSC to remove the redundant Church Hour from our permit as it has not been observed for more than 40 years and the church was sold 28 years ago. In a turn-around, Council intended to impose excessively restrictive unrelated conditions to approve our application. Our legal counsel had advised us to withdraw our application and refer the matter to VCAT which we have now done. Therefore we have no option but to request no take offs or landings within that hour. As a consequence :- We are considering opening the flying school at 7:30am on Sundays so as not to lose income from weekend flying. All aircraft returning to or arriving at the airport and unable to be on the ground before 9.30am will need to wait in a holding pattern on the dead (western) side over Boes Rd until after 10:30am. If you find yourself low on fuel you are required by the CARs to declare a Fuel May Day emergency and land. If you are planning a cross country flight departing on any Sunday between 9.30 and 10.30am, consider departing at least an hour early so as not to violate this time slot. This situation is likely to remain unchanged until later in the year when VCAT hear the matter.
​​​​​​​...about sums up the collective intent of the MPSC. This is going to be QCs at twenty paces!
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