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Originally Posted by KT1988 View Post
@youngretired: Going for exam without doing all questionbanks to 100 % then you got to not fear failing. But my question is about the Performance exam since you did it in Poland. Did you factorize the answers for LDR or only factorized when it was written that it is a commercial SEP flight. Because question bank recommend factorizing most LDR (not all actually.....) but in the comments they say only factorize when its clearly written its a commercial SEP flight.....

As for the exams without graphs or calculation I can really not find them hard. Just understand the stuff from bristol groundschool online and do all the question banks. The only exam that had more than 25 % unknown questions was Operational Procedures for me but it still was not hard to pass.
I don't really remember if I factorised or there was a question needed to be factorised.
But in my opinion it doesn't matter.

If you guys download the CAPs and study each question on paper with nice pen and ruler at least three times, you don't need to worry about those graphs.

People usually fail not because they don't know about factorising, but because of lack of time to solve all questions, especially when there are more than 7-8 graph questions.

So just focus on speed for the graphs and try to make 100% of theoretical/memorable questions.
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