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Know your stuff, then question bank, question bank, question bank. After 20 plus years of flying elsewhere in the world I took my EASA exams 4 years ago; the question bank I used was invaluable. OK, it didn't give me all the answers by any stretch of the imagination but it did give me some. Equally as important, you actually learn subject matter from reading the question bank, and it gives you exceptional insight as to what type of complete and utter rubbish to expect.

At the time, in the UK the exams could only be taken at Gatwick, and all the exams were paper as it was right before they switched to the new format and started rigorously altering the questions and adding new ones. I'm sure the usefullness of the question banks will be somewhat diluted by now with all the new material so there is no longer a magic solution, however, for me the question bank was great assistance in more than one way, and money very well spent!
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