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Originally Posted by PlasticCabDriver View Post
Choose the least incorrect answer from the following options...
I was going to type something very similar but it's not only the UK/Europe where this happens.

I once narrowly failed the aircraft tech paper for a helicopter type rating in a foreign country. So did the people (Flying Training Manager and the Chief Engineer of our department) who had originally supplied the questions and answers to the authority! Something had obviously gone awry with the translation.

For example, one question I failed (and so did everyone else) was about generator failure. The "official" answer required by the exam was to switch off the generator switch, reset the generator and then switch the generator back on. However, there was no reset switch. Switching off the generator actually reset it. Other questions were similar. If you knew the aircraft, you would probably fail the exam. Most of us did. Once the "dodgy" questions had been re-written most of us passed with flying colours - except the Chief Engineer!
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