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Originally Posted by Loose rivets View Post
My recollection of the push on the 1-11 is of a system that pushed well after the shaker started and the nose drop was quite benign. Well, while safe at 310. I can recall being coached to pull and pull some more to make it happen.

From what I've learned over the last months is that MCAS is a fairly different animal - the prime objective seems to be not letting those last degrees of nose up be achieved with low stick forces. I can see why it is, and then again is not, an anti-stall device. It's more than just semantics.

Ground clearance. Is it even remotely possible the techniques used on the -10 undercarriage could be retro-fitted to the -8? That would buy, what was it, 10" ?
The -10 undercarriage doesn't lift the plane by 10", it makes the rotation more user friendly be effectively moving the wheels back and creating more height at rotation.
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