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EASA exams - what is wrong?

I'm curious... I'm doing the EASA Commercial Helicopter Exams.
The questions seem like they are not fit for purpose.
The questions and answers are written badly and gives the impression they were written by non-English speakers (no disrespect meant).
I've been told that the only way to pass the exams is to use a Question Bank provider.
Has this always been the case for the Commercial Helicopter Exams or each year is it getting worse?
For the exams, 20, 10, 5 years ago - what are the differences to the theory exams now? Were they tougher/easier? Were the questions more appropriate and written better?
Would a Commercial Helicopter pilot who passed their exams 20 years ago, be able to pass the exams without using a question bank if they went to do an exam tomorrow?
The exams give the impression that a Frankenstein monster has been created that is getting worse and worse, each year with more dodgy questions/answers. Not only for the Commercial Helicopter Exams, but I've heard from students flying fixed wings that the ATPL exams are a joke.
What is going wrong? What's the solution?
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