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Originally Posted by Sharklet_321 View Post
I for one want to see SOU developed to its full potential as it will benefit the entire region. If you look at the likes of BRS they are now handling 9million passengers a year. Yet between them BOH & SOU struggle to get a combined 2.8m. The population of BRS is much smaller than the SOU/PMTH and BMTH populations combined - so what the hell is going on?!
It's not super complex, the airport is massively constrained by it's physical environment and runway length, not to mention the proximity to both Heathrow and Gatwick, something which affects BRS regarding LHR but less so LGW. These markets don't operate in isolation of course, there is substantial overlap, and just look at the sheer volume on offer from easyJet out of Gatwick. We have too many airports in the UK.
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