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Talking Flaming Ostriches....it's a Helicopter

G'day Smalahove......alrighty then Flaming Ostriches then
Hey SRF......if it only 'twas so easy, Mate I gotta have my clix first vetted for Family, Muttly & Food shots which I was barred for posting in the first place
Hoy there nigelh.......only 9 Blessed Souls karked on Sagarmatha this season, one of the smallest death counts in decades
G'day Old Dogs....You are correct; there are no "Helicopters-Whose-name-Must-Not-Be-Named" landing in the Everest National Park, hence they are NOT responsible for any deaths..rather it's overcrowding, huge queues to get on the fixed ropes & a few dodgy Nepali operators not managing Punters properly/safely; along with Punters who have ZERO mountaineering skills upon arrival base camp, unfit & unhealthy add to the risk of dying up thar
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