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Originally Posted by up_down_n_out View Post
Looks like it's the end of the line for SSJ, next will be the chop, as they are quoting exaggerated figs of a 7 billion funding fig.
People are scared to fly on the thing!

What a shame, it's one of the most gorgeous A/c to fly on I have been on in years

I agree, it's a shame.
It's not a bad aircraft to fly on, certainly there's plenty of space in the cabin although I think it was a bit noisy.
Any crew I spoke to loved flying them !
It's a pity they never sorted out the spare parts problem or amended the manuals. It's very difficult to operate an aircraft with a very limited MEL and an SRM that contains next to no allowable damage.
In addition to that, add in the amount of man-hours required for the routine inspections (most based on calendar date) and the aircraft doesn't really stand a chance in comparison to it's western competitors.
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