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Originally Posted by machtuk View Post
A high proportion of the webcam images on OzRyws don't work. I'd never rely on them!
Shame they are not reliable as they are a great idea!

As an example there are close to 50 airports with cameras in Victoria and at a high level guess I provide around 45 of those airport image sets to Ozrunways and Avplan. Aside from those that are offline due to ADSL and NBN issues, the uptime of those cameras has been 100% availability for the site, due to multiple cameras at each site. As you’ve seen, even the ASA cameras suffer a similar fate when comms are out.

Individual cameras do certainly fail, however there have never been complete camera failures at any site due to camera hardware failure.

As for “unreliable,” what do you mean exactly? Out of date images or missing all of the images from the site?

As an example the following sites are offline due to Telstra outages:

- Colac

The following sites are offline due to NBN modifications initiated by the camera host:

- Tyabb

Sites with failed camera hardware but multiple cameras so therefore limited impact:

- Lethbridge
- Tocumwal
- Swan Hill
- Lady Barron
- Bendigo

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