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Originally Posted by Pontius Navigator View Post
I think I see the Darwin connection, not the scammers but the audience.

Is this a uniquely US thing? In this form probably yes, but there are clearly other religions where the poor pour in money. The Catholic church in Malta is a case in point.
You’re correct PN - it was the audience I wished to nominate. I hesitate to use the word ‘victims’ as they seemed to willingly give their money and as these pastors operate from a TV channel, viewers always have the option of just changing channels or switching off. None of them were personally confronted or individually coerced.

As I posted before, I still recall watching in appalled fascination as one of these TV evangelists suggested that people send him the ‘$1000 seed’ and that in 10 days, that money would have multiplied 10 fold - guaranteed apparently. I suppose the only difference is that those donating to the Catholic Church aren’t expecting any return - except maybe a place further up the queue to the pearly gates - whereas those contributing to the US version are being hooked in by exploiting the ‘get rich quick with no effort’ mentality. No excuse that the vulnerable are being duped - basic common sense should surely kick in?
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