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I've failed on met two times in Poland. I wasn't actually ready for the first time but I didn't aware of it. It was the second session right after the first successfull air law/ops/comms so I thought the rest would be easy just like the first one. I remember the frustration when I saw the questions and I had no idea what they're asking about.

The second fail I was just trying my luck. It was fifth session in total and only Met was left to take and I took the exam even tough I wasn't prepared for it. Failed with 66.

My last session and last subject was met after all and I studied for one and half month. I can't describe the anxiety before and during the exam. It was even hard to take breath. I made 100% of the QB questions. There was 4 new questions and I did them all wrong

What I did for the study was just hitting AvEx so hard. I mean really really hard because before the exam I was not reading the questions but only the answers and getting 95+ scores when I was testing with AvEx.

Obviously these are not my suggestions to anyone having hard time with met. Only my bad and fearful experience.
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