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A cautionary tale has been posted earlier regarding the planning permission for the next phase of development at STN & therefore prospects for SEN.

Luckily permission for STN was granted before the local elections with indeed then a major change in Councillor line up with most/all against the further development however it was finally accepted & stated permission cannot be retrospectively revoked after much legal consultation conducted over that w/end.

So the big dollar question foremost for SEN/here would be what is the current max permitted passenger thru put ? & how much greater in percentage terms would 10 or even 15m pax per year equate to, then perhaps take the reality check/view regarding the unsuitability of the site in every aspect & ask if a public enquiry would approve such an expansion & which political hand would be prepared to sign it off.

All politics...European,Governmental & local are becoming daily more vocal against aviation expansion.

The one hope for aviation in the UK would be "BJ" & then all the London Airport`s can be moved out to sea which should have happened 40/50 years ago TBH.
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