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Torture by bureaucracy

As many of us have been saying for many years, CASA is a dysfunctional organisation. It is riven with hubris and operates in a manner that would be intolerable in any other area of civil society. People outside our small aviation community cannot conceive how bad is the system thatís been allowed to grow in spite of the numerous examples of exceptionally bad behaviour.
Glenís example flies in the face of Mr. Carmodyís latest missive where he pats himself on the back for getting regulations promulgated, easily the worst and most unworkable rules of any developed GA country, isnít that terrific. Meanwhile his minions are running amuck, and the destruction of Australian General Aviation continues.
Glen is making his courageous pushback public, countless others have gone quietly in the face of bullying, monstrous fees for unnecessary permissions, mountains of counterproductive paperwork and impossible demands. Demands of the sort so clearly demonstrated by the nightmare visited upon Glen. This is the embedded modus operandi of a regulator that has been out of control for a very long time. It is a disgrace to the Public Service and to all the Ministers who have one after another abrogated their duties to the nation.
LeadSlead has it right, they will comply with the Act only when it suits, unfortunately thatís not very often.
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