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I’m sure Glen’s 97% and virtually the whole of the GA industry would agree

Originally Posted by Fliegenmong View Post
What a very sad indictment on the industry.....appreciate you putting your neck on the line Glen B,,,,you've been cornered and have had the [email protected] to come out fighting...I only wish you the very best!

(This sort of BS only happens in Countries we ordinarily laugh about....not so hilarious when it happens in our own backyard)
Fliegenmong, how true, I’ve read several comments from USA aviation blogs about Australian aviation that would make you cringe.
The level of CASA interference in the business of GA is restriction of trade and restriction of the right to work which is against Australia’s pledge to the United Nations Charter of Human Rights.
In the USA any qualified instructor can teach anywhere without an Air Operators Certificate and around 70% of pilots are trained by these independent instructors.
What’s wrong with that? Nothing, it means that hundreds of country towns could get back their flying schools. Thousands of jobs would be created in maintenance and other downstream occupations.
CASA has been toying with allowing the independent instructor for at least thirty years to my certain knowledge. Couldn’t do it and lose control and a myriad of excessive fees for unnecessary permissions. They’ve pushed the rules into the criminal code and proof strict liability, wholly unnecessary and thoroughly counterproductive to safety (hide all mistakes and admit nothing, do not pass on valuable safety lessons).
Hats off to Glen for standing up for his rights, to fly or create business is not a Crown authorised privilege, it is our right, and its right to expect fair treatment. Mention of ‘privileges’ in legislation should be done away with, its a pathetic leftover from the days when monarchs had all the rights and only dished out ‘privileges’ to the compliant, fawning and favoured ‘subjects.’

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