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As the Priest of Troy said: "Beware of Greeks bearing gifts".
If the original encouragement for the operator to challenge the Church Hour came from Shire Council staff, their motive should have been treated with deep suspicion.
Shire Councillors generally pre-occupy themselves with getting re-elected. Re-election often depends on making popular decisions; not necessarily wise decisions.
A case in point was Busselton, where Council attempted to ban all training flights. For a while this really inconvenienced a major segment of the GA industry which had long used BLN for navaid training. Because navaids are funded and maintained by Federal Government they did not completely succeed in the ban, but it was not from lack of trying. And it made them seem like the 'good guys' among the local anti-aviation horse owners and save-the-planet mob.
Sad as it is, any move to curtail those pesky bug smashers usually meets with majority approval in any town near an airport.
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